apogee symphony mk1 vs mk2

For connecting to an existing Pro Tools HD Accel, HD Native or HDX system. The Symphony MK2 is the latest development in the Apogee … Symphony I/O Mk II is built solidly on this reputation. The base unit can pass up to 32 channels of audio to the host computer, but with only two I/O slots per chassis, not all combinations of I/O card will fulfil this potential. Apogee Control hardware remote connects directly to your Mac using the included USB cable. Q. Web site designed & maintained by PB Associates & SOS. As yet, it’s not possible to connect multiple Symphony base units to a single computer, so native operation is currently limited to a maximum of 32 ins and outs; and because there are only two slots for I/O modules, even this is only achievable in certain I/O configurations. Livraison gratuite dès 49€. 2399.00 € / Carte d'extension pour Apogee Symphony MK2 - Entrées / sorties analogiques 8x8 + AES 8x8 et entrées / sorties optiques (Mk II) - 16 entrées et sorties simultanées - Entrée analogique: 8 entrées symétriques via un connecteur DSUB 25 broches - Entrées AES-EBU: 8 entrées via un connecteur DSUB 25 broches >- Entrée optique: Supporte l'ADAT
- SMUX et … Apogee Symphony Mk2 Module 16x16. If HDX compatibility is not needed, you could also look at MOTU’s AVB range, while Antelope Audio’s forthcoming Goliath looks to be an interesting alternative, too. For instance, the first three pairs can be designated as alternate speaker sets, switched from the touchscreen, or you can enable up to 9.1 surround monitoring; in both cases the large rotary controller offers precise and straightforward level adjustment, and a trim offset can be applied within Apogee’s Maestro software to match the levels of individual speakers. Boasting state-of-the-art audio performance, streamlined front-panel control, extremely low latency, integration with Apple’s Logic Pro X, and innovative guitar recording features, I’d go so far as to say that of all the project-studio interfaces I’ve reviewed recently, the Ensemble Thunderbolt is probably my favourite. Items that appear in square-ish boxes are usually either binary options that can be toggled with a single press, or buttons that bring up a simple menu when touched. Session Notes: Recording Voiceovers At Sea, Distant City Studios - A Drum Room With A Difference, Mastering Essentials Part 6 - Final Delivery: Requirements & Specs. 4 . It is compatible with both the MK1 and MK2 versions of the Apogee Symphony I/O chassis and can be installed in the blink of an eye. A Dual Sum A/D stage – where two conversion stages are summed for each analog channel – offers the lowest distortion and greatest dynamic range of any A/D converter we’ve ever designed – you get digital recordings that are true to your analog inspiration. Thinking about going Native with Thunderbolt or setting up an audio over ethernet network, such as Dante™ or Waves SoundGrid®? It’s also rather inconvenient having the instrument jacks on the rear panel. As a result, we’ve seen a lot of companies update or refresh their audio interface offerings over the last couple of years, Apogee among them. Perhaps the most obvious rival to the Symphony I/O MkII is Lynx’s Aurora, a high-quality 16-channel converter that can be used with Pro Tools HDX or natively over Thunderbolt, USB or PCIe on both Mac OS and Windows. Designed to deliver professional sound quality for audio recording, mixing and mastering, Symphony I/O Mk II is the ultimate music production centerpiece for any modern studio. With Symphony I/O Mk II, you will hear more definition in each track and instrument of the mix, making it easier for you to make intelligent adjustments and achieve the ideal balance. Adding the mic preamp card limits the total I/O count to 16 per base unit. With Standalone mode you can also bypass the converters of your existing gear. Capable of operating at sufficiently low latencies that the Maestro cue-mixing utility should be redundant. The price and ‘one-trick-pony’ nature of a converter like the Symphony Mk II position it within reach of only those who rate quality conversion very highly. All in all, then, the Symphony I/O MkII is another Apogee product that absolutely oozes class. Beyond that, its analog outputs offer 131dB of dynamic range and an incredible THD+N of -118dB. ", "The Apogee Symphony I/O MkII offers no surprises. Want to bring Apogee to the stage for FOH, monitor sends or in-ear mixes? Apogee Control is $195 USD and is sold as a separate accessory by authorized Apogee dealers worldwide. However, in place of PCI and USB, native operation is now Thunderbolt-only. Aller au produit. When mixing, regardless of what speakers you are using, if the converter is masking or having any effect on your audio, you could end up overcompensating with EQ, compression or other effects and failing to address other problematic details. Get a glimpse inside the world of WhyBeatZ as we dive a little deeper into his story. With two module slots and the capacity for up to 32 inputs and outputs of A/D & D/A conversion per unit, Symphony I/O Mk II offers the best per-channel value of any interface in its category. The other module that can pass 16 channels of audio is called the 8x8 MkII (£2458.80). HDX compatibility is retained in the new MkII version, and from sometime later this year, it should be possible to integrate it with the Waves/Digico Digigrid range also. Whereas other manufacturers such as Focusrite and MOTU are embracing the world of networked audio, a Symphony I/O MkII system is expandable only using the old-fashioned AES3 and ADAT protocols; and, of course, it’s Mac-only. With the introduction of Symphony Control, customers can now use 2 Symphony I/O Mk IIs  simultaneously for up to 64 channels of I/O over a Thunderbolt connection to their Mac. Apogee Symphony I/O Mk2 TB 16x16 seulement pour 4 333 €. Apogee Control is $195 USD and is sold as a separate accessory by authorized Apogee dealers worldwide. All of Symphony I/O Mk II’s essential input and output settings can be accessed from the front panel touchscreen. Connect to the Waves SoundGrid System for studio, live and post production audio networking with real-time DSP for Waves and SoundGrid compatible third-party plugins. Because the inserts are digitally-controlled from Symphony Control software, any insert can be assigned to any input channel –  there’s no need to physically reconnect your outboard equipment to a different insert channel. eMotion LV1 Live Mixer with Symphony I/O Mk II SoundGrid. Apogee’s Symphony interface has been Thunderbolted, touchscreened and released back into the world as the Symphony MkII. To adjust gain from within Logic, you can click and drag on a tiny circular control. Like every flagship product we’ve introduced, Symphony I/O Mk II benefits from on-going expertise that constitutes the Apogee Engineering Advantage, once again pushing forward the state-of-the-art. Apogee Control gives you instant access to input and output levels using the large Symphony-inspired Control knob and 3 control knob focus buttons, plus direct access to a wide range of software functions using the 8 user-configurable hardware buttons. Apogee say the Symphony is the best-sounding converter they have ever made, which is quite some claim! If your budget will permit and there’s a Symphony I/O MkII configuration that meets your needs, there’s very little reason to think twice. Apogee Symphony I/O Mk2 TB 8+8mp. Change is a fact of life in computer-based recording, and over the last few years, we’ve seen more than our fair share of it. Whether recording powerful drums, dynamic vocals or delicate strings, your recordings retain the full impact, intricate detail and lifelike dimension of the original performance. Designed to deliver professional sound quality for audio recording, mixing and mastering, Symphony I/O is the … For such people, the Symphony I/O Mk II will by no means disappoint. This means that if you do decide to replace an older Symphony I/O system with the new and improved version, you may be able to recycle I/O cards that you already own and just buy the new chassis (although you won’t get the better A-D and D-A conversion unless you also invest in MkII cards). Without looking at your computer, Symphony I/O Mk II lets you see metering for up to 64 channels of I/O, 32 IN x 32 OUT – signal levels, polarity, muting, phantom power and Soft Limit. The Symphony I/O has an in-built fan which whirrs alarmingly during power-on, but proved to be completely inaudible in use. Each rackmounting base unit (£1895) can host one or two I/O cards, of which there are currently four in the range. Logic Pro X users will also notice that preamp controls appear within the channel strip, though I found their behaviour a little odd. Apogee Symphony I/O 16x16 MK2 vs MOTU 16A. The Symphony MkII’s rear panel loaded with the 16x16 MkII and 8x8 MkII modules. Sound quality is, as you’d expect, very much beyond reproach. Ask Apogee Live 2-8-18 Symphony IO MK2 SoundGrid - Duration: 15:25. One thing that caught me out a few times is that swapping between pages doesn’t automatically change the focus parameter, so if, for instance, you switch to the input page, the encoder will continue to adjust headphone level rather than automatically switching to adjust preamp gain. It responded in a musical fashion up to a point, beyond which it started sounding like the limiter was trying too hard, marked by gooey breakup and unpleasant harmonics. alarm L'offre est terminée | 2 mars 2020 à 19:02. A high-resolution TFT display delivers all the visual feedback critical for recording and monitoring. A recent Release 5.2 of the Symphony software and drivers supports Mac OS 10.9, 10.10 and the current 10.11, but better still, the new MkII can host some of the same I/O modules as the original. In practice, unsurprisingly, I found the low-latency performance of the Symphony I/O MkII to be very similar to that of the Ensemble Thunderbolt — which is to say, extremely good. Symphony I/O Mk II is a multi-channel audio interface featuring Apogee’s newest flagship AD/DA conversion, modular I/O (up to 32 inputs and outputs), intuitive touchscreen display and optional world-class microphone preamps. Aller au produit. And with a definite hit under their belts there, Apogee have now turned their attention to the system that sits above the Ensemble in their product line. Symphony I/O Mk II is the culmination of this 30 year commitment and raises the bar on all Apogee products before it with even better audio clarity and sonic transparency. Waves’ plugins and Apogee AD/DA conversion are industry standards in the recording studio. Use Symphony I/O mkII on a Windows computer with Dante™, Pro Tools® HD, Waves SoundGrid®, or as a Standalone converter with a third party ADAT/AES PCI interfacing card. Symphony Control delivers all the functionality of Maestro in a new, highly customizable user interface along with innovative new features like Talkback functionality, the simplified “Essentials” control window and an FX Send mixer feature, recently introduced as part of the Element Control software. The Symphony Since their inception in 1986 when they first manufactured phase filters as an upgrade for multitrack digital tape machines, Apogee have continued to create innovative solutions, becoming an industry leader in A/D and D/A convertors, and integrating their supreme sound-quality into the consumer market too. APOGEE SYMPHONY I/O MK II 8X8 SOUNDGRID - Comprend : - chassis SoundGrid - 1 Module I/O MkII 8x8 (8 in x 8 out analogiques, 8 x 8 ADAT ou 8 x 8 SMUX ou 2 x 2 S/PDIF optique ou 8 x 8 AES/EBU, S/PDIF en coaxial) Symphony I/O MKII est une interface audio multi-canaux utilisant la toute dernière conversion AN/NA d'Ap The Symphony I/O MkII is another classy product from Apogee, offering impressive performance and a very slick user experience. As a native interface, it offers limited expansion options compared with some rivals. The original Symphony I/O could be used as an expander for a Pro Tools HDX system, or be connected to a host Mac for native operation either using a dedicated PCIe card or over USB 2. Apogee Symphony I/O Mk2 TB 8x8. When using Logic Pro X, latency has been reduced to an astounding 1.35 ms round-trip*, allowing you to monitor through your DAW, plug-ins included, simplifying your workflow and leveraging the power of your Mac. APOGEE SYMPHONY MK1 2*6 + THUNDERBRIDGE. The converters are apparently based on refined and updated circuitry derived from previous products, but using the latest state‑of‑the‑art converter silicon in an unusual way, which helps to reduce converter latency and improve performance. Apogee Symphony I/O Mk2 TB 24x24, Interface audio d'enregistrement modulaire, Châssis comprenant 2 modules d'entrées / sorties, Module 1: 8 x 8 entr Comparer les prix apogee symphony i o mk2 et enregistrer la comparaison. All contents copyright © SOS Publications Group and/or its licensors, 1985-2021. Yu Siyuan, better known for his stage name WhyBeatZ, is a professional DJ/Music Producer from China who was been a force in the music industry for 10 years. Tracks will blend more harmoniously and mixing will simply be easier. Apogee Symphony I/O Mk2 TB 24x24. Mandy Parnell: Mastering Audio - Duration: 26:24. Two of these provide line‑level analogue inputs, with a further pair offering stereo digital input and output in AES3 format. To put that in perspective, I’ve reviewed plenty of audio interfaces which introduce a longer round-trip delay even when you bypass the DAW and monitor through a built-in DSP mixer. Next to this, however, is a numeric read-out of the gain setting which is much easier to pinpoint with the mouse; this too can be clicked and dragged, and you can hear the gain changing as you do so, but as soon as the mouse button is released, the gain reverts to its original setting. Worthy of note is that, according to the specifications, the outputs are capable of outputting DC, which should allow them to be used to generate control voltages for systems like Expert Sleepers’ Silent Way (though I wasn’t able to test this).The Symphony MkII’s preamp controls as they appear in Logic Pro X. 32×32 per unit). If you buy one, your recordings will undoubtedly step up in quality, and along with the superlative outputs, give your mixes every chance to reach a new zenith too.

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