how i knew i had throat cancer

I also knew it was a health hazard. If this test reveals abnormalities, your doctor may take a tissue sample (called a biopsy) from your throat and test the sample for cancer. Told ... Doctor said mass to large to do surgery. Some may experience a sore throat that does not go away. Before those tests were sent away we were already told he had cancer...turns out he had scc stage4 with bi-lateral nodes involved. Your doctor actually sounds better than some of the others that a lot of these people have dealt with including me. Some people with throat cancer require therapy after treatment to relearn how to speak. 3) right eye lid of which I am considering surgery to lift it - my lower eye lid does not close - damaging the eye - and collects the tears instead of them draining. The biggest lesson I learned from this sa far is to be proactive about my health. You can reduce your risk of throat cancer by not smoking, not chewing tobacco and limiting alcohol use. 5 Replies, Hi All I was wondering if you could advice if your pet/ct came back negative for cancer but then cancer was found? This was the first and only and last time I cried over my cancer. I realized how much it had grown and changed. So, he took a couple of biopsy's and called me the next day with " It doesn't look good" that is all he would say. If you’ve been experiencing symptoms such as a sore throat, hoarseness, and persistent cough with no improvement and no other explanation, they may suspect throat cancer. 21 Replies, Help on diagnosis of hpv related oral cancer, Squamous cell carcinoma stage four first diagnose 2004 second 2006-current. At the moment all is going well with him apart from having a few saliva issues and his mouth is still changing all the time, but he has regained some of his weight and is starting to look more like he did before his cancer shock..........we go back again for check up in about 3 months time. He did a hearing test, looked in my ear and showed me on video that I had some kind of membrane growing over my ear drum in both ears. All of these are such stories of hope. For about six months, her husband John complained about a sore throat and an earache that came and went. Throat cancer refers to cancer of the voice box, vocal cords, and other parts of the throat, such as the tonsils and the oropharynx. Setting me up with Chemo and Radiation treatment. ... or a feeling that something is stuck in your throat, you should get it checked by your GP. To start a new discussion in this community, please click here. One morning I woke up and noticed a lump in my neck. Walking out of the front doors of his office, I said to my wife "It doesn't look good babe". The voice box is made of cartilage and contains the vocal cords that vibrate to make so… You may cough or feel like food or liquid are going into the airway (windpipe). The first symptom I had was a feeling of fullness in my throat. Lots of people aren't. I have once a year visits with Dr Shores and once a year visits with my local oncologist. Hubby noticed a lump on the left side of his pain so he didn't do anything for about 12 months. 2) trismus, I can only open my mouth 1/4" top teeth to bottom teeth - getting my obturator into my mouth can be a challenge every morning. To check for throat cancer, your doctor will perform a direct or an indirect laryngoscopy or will refer you to a specialist for the procedure. I felt the treatment as not too bad, didnt have some of the ill effects that some do and felt lucky. After being treated for head and neck cancer, Michael explains what he wishes he had known before he started treatment, including oral care tips, nutrition advice, and how to get support. These specialists include: If you have a biopsy or surgery, you’ll also have an anesthesiologist who administers anesthesia and monitors your condition during the procedure. I do well with the tube and am very active. I am getting braver about the idea of pushing and stories like yours inspires me. Throat cancer has also been linked to other types of cancers. Went to an ENT and had a radical neck dissection and 37 radiation treatments. Best of luck to you. Hang in there. Head and neck cancers account for about 3 percent of all cancers in the U.S. That was another 6 or 8 months. it just takes a story like your husband's and the self-pity fades away. The scan creates images of areas of radioactivity in your body. So no one really knows if they got it. Signs include bleeding in the mouth, difficulty swallowing, or a persistent earache. Stage I Throat Cancer Stage I describes a very early stage of cancer. Metastatic throat cancer. Not necessarily: Throat cancer can take years to develop Risk factors include smoking, drinking and oral sex If your worried see a specialist ENT for exam Answered on Nov 11, 2015 1 doctor agrees In early 2005, at the age of 52, I experienced problems swallowing and had a blocked windpipe. Cancer is a class of diseases in which abnormal cells multiply and divide uncontrollably in the body. There are several…. That set me on a rapid course of treatment. Some cancers which begin in the throat area, as well as the tongue, salivary glands, sinuses, nose or ear, are classified as head and neck cancers. God bless you and keep you in His loving arms. A CT scan also produces images of soft tissue and organs. Throat cancer describes an agglomeration of various kinds of cancer that affect the throat and adjacent areas. “Throat cancer” can actually mean more than one kind of cancer, and each affects a different place in your throat. I hope treatment is going well. By June i was getting pretty unconfortable, but we had a trip planned for Sturgis in July and wanted to make the trip. Head and neck cancer can affect your voice. Last medically reviewed on August 9, 2018, Human papillomavirus (HPV) that occurs in the mouth is a sexually transmitted infection (STI). When it became very painful, and difficult to open his mouth I finally talked him into getting help. I knew then that it was cancer and confirmed it via research on the Web. If it is not treated, the enlarging tumour can compress … It often has few or no symptoms, which is why getting…. Long story short, the 2nd ENT Doc did the same thing. Michael Douglas recounts hellish throat-cancer chemo ... Common signs and symptoms of throat cancer include: Make a doctor’s appointment if you have any of these symptoms and they don’t improve after two to three weeks. Read about the procedure. Chemotherapy is a drug that kills and slows the growth of malignant cells. David I left the doctor’s office with several appointments already made for me. He sent me to a "Specialist" and I overheard the receptionist with a person on the phone tell them" doctor Rothman only sees cancer patients". He suspected lymphoma and sent me to a general surgeon to look at the lump. They said my throat was red but not anything...possibly tonsil infection. Hope you are improving. The trick is to catch it early before there is lymph involvement but even then it's still likely to be curable. Ouch, what a hard story. I am blest. These tests may include the following. I liked his credentials, so made an appointment with him for Aug 16th. In febuary he wanted to do biopsy and remover tumor. (teeth were fine) That was on a Monday and by the Thursday we were down at the maxcillo facial clinic having biopsies done. Healthline Media does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. After 2 weeks nothing had changed so I went to my first of 3 ENT Doc's. Throat cancer may spread locally … That was another 6 or 8 months. DC, It is important to know the common signs and symptoms of cancer. Once I got through that, I drove home, about 40 minutes in pure silence. Fast forward about 2 weeks, I looked in the mirror and saw a lump on the side of my neck about the size of an egg.

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