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Star Trek TOS: “Catspaw”… – Musings of a Middle-Aged Geek, “The Rocketeer”: Disney’s underrated retro-rocketing adventure, 30 years later…, Star Trek: Discovery, S3.13: “That Hope Is You, Part 2” ends season three with optimism and change…, Netflix’s “The Midnight Sky” (2020) offers bleak escapism but with seeds of hope…, Doctor Who: “Revolution of the Daleks” reunites the TARDIS fam…, Star Trek: Discovery, S3.12: “There Is A Tide” to be turned…, Diana loses some of her power in “Wonder Woman 1984” (2020)…, Star Trek: Discovery, S3.11: “Su’kal” is a mystery wrapped in an enigma…, The Mandalorian, Chapter 16: “The Rescue” is strong with the Force…. Nancy, meanwhile, is with her boyfriend Mike, while her younger brother "Genius" plays wi… The teens proceed to fashion togas and bikinis out of a convenient nearby storage bin of curtain fabric, and then decide raise a bit of hell with the townsfolk…. Wells story Food Of The Gods, Village Of The Giants is more likely inspired by the popular generation of beach movies. The dance sequences feel like interminable script-padding. …which amounts to crashing an outdoor party, and several LONG minutes of slow-motion dancing to Jack Nitzche’s musical score. Immediately, the rebellious teens begin to grow. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The car isn’t full of injured passengers, but rather eight lily-white rebel ’teens’ (each of whom looks to be about 25 or so) who fling open the doors of their wrecked car and immediately take to wild dancing in the rain & mud (which is usually my first reaction in a car wreck, of course…). They wouldn't even fit through the door if they could open it. Bert I. Gordon was a famous B-movie director who created a bunch of big monster movies such as Earth Vs.The Spider and The Amazing Colossal Man in the 1950’s, but by the early 1960’s that genre was dying a quick death. Mike breaks an overhead water pipe (while hanging from it) and wets the floor the spider is standing on. TITLE: Village Of The Giants. Separate from membership, this is to get updates about mistakes in recent releases. The combination of listening to Jack's instrumental track "The Last Race" and watching those teenage giants dancing is surreal. After the giants arrive at the party, two cops arrive on the scene and don't notice the giants until after they've exited the car, and the partygoers point them out. I remember seeing her in a “Night Gallery” episode a few years later (“Return of the Sorcerer”) as well as playing her mother Ann Sothern’s younger self in “The Whales of August” (1987). But despite Fred and Tisha Sterling’s painfully awkward attempts at seduction, their plan fails. Musical numbers by such ‘60s pop stars as Freddy Cannon (of “Palisades Park” fame), Mike Clifford and The Beau Brummels (a very poor man’s Beatles). These techniques are all employed to convey the not-terribly convincing illusion that these kids are now 20-30 ft. giants living in a dollhouse-like theater. What I actually like about “Village of the Giants”: *  Jack Nitzche’s musical score (not the songs). Directed by Bert I. Gordon. The Bots were right: Beau Bridges shouldn't shimmy. The moment Village of the Giants opens, with sensual shots of slow-motion frugging, we know we've happened upon some Bad Teens. The NIGHT CLUB The place is jumping with teenagers all over the dance floor. This also goes for later, when he is lying on the ground and the townspeople are trying to tie him up. Robinson!) After a few minutes deciding what to do with the stuff, a grunting rebel named Rick (Bob Random), wants to eat the goo himself. Howard is also directing Disney’s forthcoming “Han Solo” movie. We have definitely decided around here that "Village Of The Giants" is one of the best 'worst movies' ever made; so extra BIG, it's overflowing! Choreography by Toni Basil. Maybe not the most uniformly talented troupe, but Beau Bridges would go on to legitimate fame in many movies and TV shows. In the next scene they are cooking the ducks on a spit for an outside bbq. On stage, the Daft Punk music begin to play to the crowd, as a girl named Rose dances in one of the areas above the crowd. The next day, the poor disco ducks are now barbecued on giant rotisseries, and Mike hosts an impromptu free cookout (but…who the hell knows what eating giant mutated duck meat might do to a person, right?). but there are nagging issues even within the movie’s own silly, natural laws-defying universe: *  The scale of the giants is all over the place. I’ve read Wells’ book and other than children who grow into giants, the two stories have about as much in common as “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians” does with SyFy network’s “The Expanse.”. “This scene was awful,” exclaimed Joy Harmon. Star Trek Discovery S1.10, “Despite Yourself”…, Trekker Treat? Nobody seems to think that it is at all that big of a deal. The rebel teenagers leave town and go back to their busted car (the one from the beginning of the movie) and a group of dwarfs passing by ask: "Is this the way to the town with the goo that makes you grow bigger?". Genius, of course, tells her everything…. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. The teens bursting out of their clothes, for example; it’s almost like an embarrassing Freudian nightmare of what younger children fear a growth spurt will be like. His deep, slow-strumming, Dick Dale-style surf-rock guitar musings are actually quite hypnotic. Village of the Giants by MGM (Video & DVD) ... Then two giant ducks show up in a dance hall and start dancing (no I'm not making this up). X Join the mailing list. Mike and his incompetent crew then try to take down Fred (or at least a pair of oddly-spaced fiberglass legs) using a motorcycle, lasso rope and a few George Barris custom surf wagons (WTF??). VILLAGE OF THE GIANTS (1965) Article #140 by Dave Sindelar Viewing date: 8-3-2001 Posting date: 12-17-2001 Several juvenile deliquent teens steal a substance concocted by Ronny Howard, boy genius, that causes animals to grow to many times their natural size. Tommy Kirk stars as Mike, a fairly average kid who likes to party, dance, and hang out with his friends. The "Goo" was angel food cake, turned pink with food coloring. All rights reserved. The special effects are ludicrous, but the dance sequences—filmed in slow motion to Jack Nitzsche's puonding dance beat—are some kind of weird cinematic bliss. Odd morality mix from the writer and director Bert I. Gordon, who clearly didn’t ‘get’ the 1960s like he did the 1950s…. On "Village of the Giants," Rance was the guardian of his son Ron Howard (Genius), and had a few scenes as the unnamed deputy of the town sheriff (Joseph Turkel). The Spider" aka. Release Date: October 20th, 1965 Directed by: Bert I. Gordon Written by: Bert I. Gordon, Alan Caillou Based on: The Food of the Gods and How It Came to Earth by H.G. This song "Woman" by the Beau Brummels is used to the hilt, but that's why it's important to have good music!! There’s even a bit of social satire attempted, as giant-Fred announces to the sheriff that the townspeople all have “freedom of speech… so long as we approve of what you say.”   Nice try, but I sincerely doubt that first amendment rights are the first thing on the rebel kids’ minds, and more like the screenwriter’s. Add more and vote on your favourites! There is an embarrassingly silly scene where a giant-sized duck invades the dancehall and starts dancing too. Missed riffing opportunity: there’s no response from Mike and the Bots when Tommy says, “You don’t have to be. At this point, Mike’s had enough of that; he smashes a chair across giant Fred’s  fiberglass-prop legs, and shouts, “Tell her to put him down, or I’ll beat the daylights out of ya!”  The next scene is arguably the best in the entire film as giant-Fred bitch slaps Tommy Kirk’s Mike into next week…. It still feels like a middle-aged writer trying to emulate ‘these kids today.’. This also goes for later, when he is lying on the ground and the townspeople are trying to tie him up. The now down-to-earth rebels desperately try to cover themselves up with their now-oversized clothing. With Tommy Kirk, Johnny Crawford, Ron Howard, Joe Turkel. Add more and vote on your favourites! I’m guessing the movie would clock in at just over an hour. Is such a guy really the right person to assume ownership of his girlfriend’s brother’s clearly dangerous invention? But then again, in a movie that’s all over the map-crazy like this, what’s off the table, right? Fred then cuts the Play-Doh into eighths, and after a bit of taunting, each of the teens takes their slice and eats it…. I still dig that nitty gritty, and you’re my ‘genius’ ! Ron Howard would go on to do “Happy Days” (VOTG was post-“Andy Griffith Show”) as well as direct a slew of terrific movies, including “Apollo 13” (1995), one of my favorite movies of all time. The teens drop a bombshell on the sheriff by revealing that they have his daughter as a hostage, and that her safety is dependent on the town’s cooperation. I realize that the movie is a fantasy, so I won’t address the multitude of basic, 7th-grade scientific contradictions throughout (such as how the giants aren’t suddenly crushed by their newfound mass, etc.) Addresses are not passed on to any third party, and are used solely for direct communication from this site. We see early on that the only thing on Mike’s mind is to exploit and make money off of the goo. Edit them in the Widget section of the. Visitors Fred (Beau Bridges), Merrie (Joy Harmon), Pete (Tim Rooney) and pals, now huge, having ingested "Goo" and dressed in fabric they found at the theater, drop by to torment locals, especially Horsey (Johnny Crawford), in Village Of The Giants , 1965. Also in the group are Mickey Rooney’s son Tim, and Ryan O’Neal’s brother Kevin. "The Spider", and "Beginning of the End. Village of the Giants fails the Bechdel Test. The most interesting aspect of the film is the sexuality portrayed, especially as normal sized teens cling to the enlarged bikini top of a girl, a scene which the rest of the movie seems based around. Village of the Giants is a film that Bert I. Gordon is clearly not taking terribly seriously. Needless to say it doesn’t work, and Nancy is soon captured by Mickey Rooney’s giant rebellious son, who plays the giant “Pete.”, Mike’s crew then plan to rescue Nancy and the sheriff’s kid by distracting giant-Fred as some of the townies slip into the theater through the roof hatch. Though questionably credited as being 'inspired' by the H.G. The dance sequences feel like interminable script-padding. Addresses are not passed on to any third party, and are used solely for direct communication from this site. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Village Of The Giants ... Then two giant ducks show up in a dance hall and start dancing (no I'm not making this up). When his legs are in shot, they look fake, and never moves an inch. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. First the pet dog eats the formula. The cat appearing in this film was named Orangey (later renamed Minerva), and Village of the Giants was the second time he played the role of a cat larger than a human, the first being Scott Carey's (actor Grant Williams) pet in The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957). The songs aren’t entirely horrible, they only serve to stall the hell out of an already unevenly-paced movie. Johnny Crawford then oh-so bravely volunteers to jump spider-like onto giant-Merrie’s boobs again (some might think Bert I. Gordon was a fetishist), and in a disturbingly post-Bill Cosby scene, he renders her unconscious with a giant cotton wad soaked in anesthetic, as he climbs down off of her makeshift bikini bra…. In the next scene they are cooking the ducks on a spit for an outside bbq. Thank you Sebastian! And what makes the ‘good’ kids so noble, anyway? One would think the cops should have seen the giants on the drive up. ( Log Out /  The odd tonal mismatch  between science-fiction giant monster flick and beach party movie just doesn’t work. Cut to later that evening; the bad kids have holed up in an abandoned theater, cleaned up, change clothes and decide they want to “go dancing” (do these kids do anything else?). It’s also a movie that my younger self and my sisters used to watch on television at least once a year. And of course, after the giants revert back to their normal sizes, their makeshift curtain-material clothing still fits far too snugly, considering these kids were previously the size of buildings…, *  The movie’s opening credits state that Alan Caillou’s screenplay is based on H.G. Woman Woman with Dialogue After a few empty threats back and forth, the supersized kids meekly retreat… for now. Comment. I’m guessing the movie would clock in at just over an hour. ", Contact me | Privacy policy | Join the mailing list | Links. with her feminine wiles to learn the location of his goo (it’s a bit creepy seeing 10-year old Opie wooed by a woman who’s clearly in her mid-20s at least…). Separate from membership, this is to get updates about mistakes in recent releases. You're right, "Last Race" was later used as the main title music for Death Proof, Quentin Tarantino's half of the 2007 double feature Grindhouse. They now they have a four-alarm Orkin crisis on their hands. ( Log Out /  Mike clocks a dazed Fred as soon as he’s man-sized again. ( Log Out /  They wouldn't even fit through the door if they could open it. The giants’ plan: demand that the townspeople bring them fried chicken & soda, surrender all of their guns, and oh yeah, don’t tell the giant kids to turn down their music. As kids, we used to watch this movie on Sunday afternoon television, for chrissakes (!). *  Lots of song numbers that just stop the movie dead in its tracks. They consume the substance, and then use their new-found stature to take over the town.… He rides in his bicycle to where the giant rebel teenagers are, they breath the fumes and they shrink back to normal. There are scenes that try to make the audience feel some genuine dread of the giants, but they move so slooooowwwwly that they have all the menace of an approaching garbage truck from three miles away. There is not one face in this movie that isn’t lily-white (and most of them blonde), even among the musical talent. ). At this point, we’re supposed to bear in mind that this opportunist, exploitative, hyper-capitalistic little creep is one of ‘the good guys.’  These good guys now have a giant cat, a giant dog and two giant ducks that somehow wander off the premises (they disappear only moments after they grew…you’d think they’d be rather difficult to lose track of, but I guess not). To know when people like your submissions, answer your questions, reply to you, etc., please, When the girl on the motorcycle is trying to tie, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring mistakes, 30 Biggest mistakes in the Star Wars movies, The biggest mistakes in the Harry Potter movies, The 20 biggest mistakes in The Wizard of Oz, 25 mistakes you never noticed in great movies, 40 biggest mistakes in The Big Bang Theory. Nobody seems to think that it is at all that big of a deal. YEAR: 1965. The result was a truly odd duck of a movie (and yes, it does feature giant ducks) that is more camp and far less serious than Gordon’s typical, scarier giant people/creature/spider flicks. Fred remembers meeting a girl from Hainesville named Nancy, and they decide to look her up. Village of the Giants (1965), by Peter Bebergal [ Video Link ] My parents were pretty good about indulging my obsession with monster movies. Nitzche would go on to score far better movies such as “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” (1975), “An Officer and a Gentleman” (1982) and many others (including some incidental music for 1973’s horror classic, “The Exorcist”). The episode: “Village of the Giants,” ep. By booman1 Watch. Cut to the ‘good’ kids, led by former Mousketeer Tommy Kirk as “Mike” and his wholesome-as-Wonderbread girlfriend “Nancy” (Charla Dougherty) and her annoying, 10 year old, science-geek kid brother named “Genius,” played by a very young Ron Howard (yes, the future “Happy Days” star and world-class film auteur). In the next scene they are cooking the ducks on a spit for an outside bbq. He was a character…. Nobody seems to think that it is at all that big of a deal. You can unsubscribe at any time. After a bizarre, psychedelic, color-wheel tinted credits sequence of giant teens dancing in slow motion, the story opens with a blue T-bird seemingly crashed into a phone pole during an oddly sunny rainstorm (?). Anyway, Genius concocts a formula he calls ‘goo’ that looks like a pink Play-Doh milkshake (and about as appetizing, I’m sure). We Need a Distraction: Red volunteers to distract the giants with a dance, while the others rescue the hostages. The opening scene of Village of the Giants features the group of delinquents piling out of their wrecked auto after crashing on a mountain road during a rainstorm. *  Not ONE person in all of Hainesville could’ve phoned, radioed or simply WALKED into the next town for help?? The other two being "Earth vs. Wells’ classic novel “Food of the Gods”…, Okay, seriously. ), and then rising back up into frame. 523: Village of the Giants I suppose it’s not fair to talk about Bert I. Gordon fighting to stay relevant into the 60’s. "The Spider", and "Beginning of the End.". Tisha Sterling, the very attractive daughter of Ann Sothern and Robert Sterling, had a Sharon Tate-vibe about her. When his legs are in shot, they look fake, and never moves an inch. Delinquent teen-agers ingest a substance and grow thirty feet tall, then proceed to take over a small town. Fred (Beau Bridges) figures the giantism is a ticket to quick fortune. The whole duck-dancing sequence in Village of the Giants was just creepy and wrong in SO many ways. Revealing mistake: When the girl on the motorcycle is trying to tie Mike's legs together by driving around them in circles, his legs are obviously props. in one of the slowest fight scenes ever filmed. Add to Favourites. Anyway, the kids finish their spastic dancing and decide to raise a bit of hell in the nearest town, Hainesville (which looks like every neighborhood in every sitcom made in the ‘50s and ‘60s). Harmon later appeared in a memorable car wash scene, shown below, in 1967’s “Cool Hand Luke.” None of my neighborhood car washes offer this level of service The director of Village of the Giants (also the producer, and screenwriter along with Alan Caillou) was Bert I. Gordon. Mike immediately decides they will patent the goo, market it, sell it and make…. *  The movie is very sexual, yet oddly puritanical. This is one of the three movies directed by Bert I. Gordon to be featured on "Mystery Science Theater 3000." My … After his friends free Nancy and the sheriff’s daughter, Mike takes to shooting at giant-Fred with a slingshot (really!?) Lots of ’60-isms like ‘groovy’ and ‘right, baby’ are sprinkled throughout in an effort to sound then-hip, but it doesn’t help. Actually, "Giants" is about smart alecky teenagers in tight clothing who eat some of Opie's goo and turn big (I know, that doesn't sound any more pleasant). During the dancing, Merrie grabs a townie (Johnny Crawford of “The Rifleman” TV show) and leaves him hanging onto her giant bra for dear life (I’m not making this stuff up; look ^). Despite those moments throughout that are intentionally or unintentionally amusing, there are large stretches of the movie that are quite dull. They wouldn't even fit through the door if they could open it. When the girl on the motorcycle is trying to tie Mike's legs together by driving around them in circles, his legs are obviously props. So help me, everyone in this movie is related to someone a bit more famous. Soon Genius pedals up on his bike, holds up a jar of what looks like the pink goo, only to have it vanish in sunlight. At the town’s local discotheque (shot in L.A’s historic “Whiskey A-Go-Go”), the young, would-be goo entrepreneurs meet the rebel teens, and the giant ducks also decide to crash the party.

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